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Getting Down with OPP (Other People's Perceptions) and Crushing Mental Blockers

A sneaky form of goal kryptonite is feelings of unworthiness and "not good enough". High performers are especially prone to this secret goal-squasher.

Let's start with a fun question: Are you down with OPP?

No, not the '90s song about you-know-what... but OPP stands for Other People's Perceptions. We spend WAY too much time worrying about what other people the point we're sacrificing our own dreams for it.

Now, let's break it down into two chunks: external forces and internal forces. Here are some strategies to help you overcome these blockers and get down with OPP!

External Forces:

  1. The Peanut Gallery: Remember, those who are ahead of you won't judge you. It's the ones who aren't even in the arena that talk shit. The real achievers will cheer you on and support you.

  2. Nobody's Thinking About You That Much: Seriously, most people are too wrapped up in their own mind drama to dwell on your every move. So put yourself out there already!

  3. People judge because they are insecure: If someone is actually criticizing you, it's likely their own insecurity talking. Bless and release them – it's their stuff, not yours.

  4. For Every Hater, There Are More Admirers: Yeah, you might encounter a hater or two, but there are way more people who will admire your courage and determination. So don't let the few Debbie Downers squash your game.

  5. Comparison is a Waste: Comparing yourself to others is futile. You don't know their journey, struggles, or behind-the-scenes. Use their success as inspiration, not as a measuring stick for your worth.

  6. Haters Can Go F Themselves: If you have an actual hater...they suck. Don't let them win, and don't let them be right about you. Go live your life and move on.

Internal Forces:

  1. Upper Limit Problem: The subconscious fear of success is real. We sabotage ourselves when things are going great because we fear what comes next. Recognize this phenomenon and push past it.

  2. Compare Yourself with Yourself: Instead of comparing yourself to others, look at your own progress. Celebrate how far you've come and all the growth you've achieved.

  3. Awareness is Key: Acknowledge when you're hitting that subconscious fear of success. Say hello to your "Upper Limit Problem" and remind yourself that you're breaking through it.

Remember, going for your dreams will always outweigh the cost of judgment. Most of the time, judgment isn't even real, and the people who matter will support you. You are worthy, you are good enough, and you've got this!

It's crucial to have a Squad of goal-oriented, positive, supportive people to help you win. This can be the difference between staying in the game and getting knocked out. Want a Squad that includes coaching, courses, community, and crazy-fun events? Check out the Grab Life by The Goals Squad...and book a call with me to learn more!


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