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  • Lauren Widrick

Anatomy of a $5K per Month Side Hustle

Are you ready for the exact playbook to build a $5000/month business?

Step 1: Decide what to sell

Your package is the intersection of what your clients need and how YOU love to deliver. Some transformations require 6 months of deep coaching, and others can be achieved in a one-day workshop (with endless options in between).


  • 1:1 coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Consulting project

  • Consulting retainer

  • Done-for-you service (social media, interior design, bookkeeping, virtual assistant, etc.)

  • Corporate training

  • Course

  • VIP days

  • Workshops (sell your own tickets)

  • Paid speaking

  • Membership

Step 2: Figure out how many clients you need to hit $5000/month

This step includes the art of pricing AND time management. If you charge too little, you’ll need a bunch of clients to reach $5K…and you’ll burn yourself out.


  1. Five 1:1 coaching clients at $1000/month

  2. One part-time consulting retainer (5 hours a week) for $5000/month

  3. One workshop facilitation for $5000 each month

  4. Two half-day VIP days for individuals at $2500 each

  5. Eight clients in a group coaching program at $625/month each

  6. Four social media management clients at $1250/month each

Step 3: Post on Social Media 4-5 days per week

Yes, I know. 4 to 5 days a week is a lot. But yo booty needs to be out there!

Not sure what to post? Here’s a sneak peek from the content calendar you get in Slay Your Side Hustle:

  • Inspirational: Mindset + motivation toward their goal (these can be yours or reposts from others).

  • Walk-the-walk: Show your audience doing what they aspire to do.

  • Mini-trainings: A brief “how-to” guide or “top 3 tips” post.

  • Testimonials: Showcase your client’s results (if you don’t have clients yet, rely on mentees or colleagues to sing your praises).

  • Scars: Vulnerably share the shit you’ve been though – that your ideal clients are going through – and how you overcame it.

Step 4: Plan a monthly webinar

I LOVE a monthly webinar. This lets groups of people experience your magic at once. Pick a topic that helps them overcome the #1 issue they’re having in their journey (and weave a result into the title if you can):

  1. How to build a $5000/month Side Hustle (hee hee)

  2. 3 ways to retain employees during a pandemic

  3. How meal planning can save you 6 hours a week

  4. Build a 3-month content calendar in 3 hours or less

  5. 3 ways to increase profit margin in your business

Step 5: Create sales targets

Look back at step two…how many clients do you need to close per month? For each client you want apply this formula:

  1. To land a client, plan on 3 sales calls

  2. To land a sales call, plan on 3 warm leads

Let’s test the pipes: Say you need 4 clients each month. Then plan on 12ish sales calls…which means you need 36 warm leads.

Where to find these leads is a whole other e-mail…but trust me that the social media and webinar will help.

Step 6: Create Your Side Hustle Schedule

Again, a hardcore example for you:

  • Client delivery: 6 hours per week

  • Sales: 3 hours per week (1.5 for sales calls, 1.5 for lead gen)

  • Social Media: 2.5 hours per week (5 posts at 30 mins per post)

  • Admin: 2 hours per week

  • TOTAL: 12 hours per week

So you’re looking at 2-3 hours a day of Side Hustle work – that’s the honest truth.

The other honest truth is…I PROMISE you can make it work. You have mornings, lunch breaks, early evening and (yes) weekends to squeeze it in without f*cking up your family life.

So there you go. The mystery is solved! But...I'm guessing you have at least one question when it comes to your dream business. So, let's talk! Click below to book a no-pressure connection call.


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