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How I took the Squad from $0 to $200K in 6 months flat

In 2022, I burned my business to the ground and started over with one product…and I grew that product to over $200K in revenue in six months flat.

Yep. I had a perfectly profitable business as a “Sales and Side Hustle Coach”. A business that left me feeling burned out, bored, and like something was desperately missing.

Fast forward to today, and I FINALLY feel at home in my business. I don’t have to choose between Life Coaching + Business Coaching. I don’t have to choose between coaching, courses, community and events. I created a business that includes it ALL…and it’s more scalable, easier to deliver, more profitable for me and a fraction of the price of my past coaching programs.

Do you want this for yourself? Do you want a lucrative, lifestyle-drive business?

I created an offer that met MY needs first

In short…I quit doing shit I didn’t want to do, and starting making my business feel like a party.

I hate teaching the same class over and over. I hate sitting on back-to-back Zoom calls all day. I hate never leaving my house.

I love throwing parties. I love air-traffic-controlling people to who they need. I love speaking and teaching to large groups. I love making dick jokes and ridiculous content all day.

My business allows me to do ALL of it. I don’t have to choose. The Squad is an umbrella membership that includes all the things and my squirrel brain gets to run with all the different programming.

I went all-in on ONE core offer...and the risk paid off

I shut down Slay Your Side Hustle, my 1:1 clients and even my podcast. All of these pained me because they were reliable income sources. But my heart wasn’t in them, and it was time to stop giving the universe conflicting messages.

I’m not suggesting that everyone burn it all down like I did…but I was DONE living out of alignment. Hard stop.

I launched with a bang

We had a huge launch party at my house: Fully catered, bartender, the works. Yes, it was a fun celebration and marketing moment…but more than anything I was not afraid to shamelessly shout this thing from the rooftops.

Too many entrepreneurs launch timidly, afraid to REALLY put it out there. Their product is buried in a newsletter or scattered in some social media captions. It's time to be loud and proud about what you've created!

I was every-f*cking-where

I did 10+ speaking engagements, sponsored a conference, joined a coworking space with 1000+ members, had a million networking coffees, held webinars….you name it. I felt like a brand-new business owner (and essentially was). I wasn’t afraid to hit the streets and run a ground game.

Guess what? Much of what I tried did not work…and that’s okay because I was able to hone and refine what did.

I held firm to the vision, even when it was "failing"

There was a good 2-month period when nobody signed up for the Squad…and I was freaking out.

It was suggested to me that I lower the price, or run a round of Slay Your Side Hustle for reliable money. I said “hell no” and stayed the course. To many business owners “pivot” before the miracle has time to manifest.

I uncovered my unique sales blueprint

Here's what I discovered: I sold the most when I threw parties that mashup current Squaddies and potential members. It's a win for all parties. The Squaddies get to expand their networks...and they end up selling the Squad to the newbies for me. Newbies get to really FEEL the energy of the crowd rather than me explaining it to them.

I hosted a huge Goal-Setting conference in January 2022, and we had 16 new members enroll (our biggest class ever).

This method may not work for you. If you are a deep 1:1 person, then you need to sell using deep 1:1 conversations. Your sales method needs to match your delivery.

I got radically supported by my coach.

Some of y’all are out there free-balling your business. WHY? There are people who have come before you who can remove the friction. I was in constant contact with my coach assessing the data, overcoming fears, and going bigger.

Frankly, the concept for the Squad came from a 3-hour session with my coach. Without her, we would be here today.


A BIG reason that this went to multi-six-figures so quickly is…this ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve been in business 7+ years and helped over 150 entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses. It’s kind of my thing.

If you are DONE playing small, burning out, or building a business (and life) that just doesn't feel like YOU...check out the Grab Life by the Goals Squad. It's an annual membership that has coaching, courses, community, and crazy fun events to level up every area of your life.


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