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What It's Really Like to Have a Podcast

My podcast, Grab Life by the Goals, relaunches on February 13th! I’m here to spill the tea on the good, bad, and ugly of the podcasting game…and I’m holding nothing back!

I agonize over the episode outlines

It takes me 90 minutes on average to write the solo episodes. It’s like writing a freakin’ keynote speech! I want them all to have structure and a clear takeaway, but be infused with personal anecdotes and raunchy humor. Whew! My ADHD brain can’t wax poetic in a coherent way…so drafting the episodes is a labor of love.

That said…the imperfect episodes perform well

Two of my most downloaded episodes are Everything is F*cked (when I was crying into the mic) and Let’s Talk about Weird Sh*t (literally the dumbest episode in the history of podcasting).

A podcast is an ah-mazing sales tool…put probably not the way you think.

Starting a podcast does not mean oodles of sales flying at you after each episode. It’s much more of a slow burn. Only once has someone reached out directly and signed a contract because they listened to the podcast. However, nearly everyone I have a sales call with now HAS listened to it as part of their discovery journey with me.

My favorite thing is to send a relevant podcast episode to a lead I’ve already met through another channel. It allows me to give tons of free value, asking nothing in return.

I hate the sound of my own voice

It’s the f*cking worst listening back to the episodes. I cringe every time. That said, here are my hacks to sound better on audio:

  • Speak more slowly (I suck at this)

  • Inflect more than you would in real life…otherwise you sound monotone and dead

  • Laugh out loud (or at least, smile) whenever possible – it warms up the episode

  • Put the mic one millimeter from your mouth. Literally make out with it

You can’t predict what will resonate with people

I am personally obsessed with the When Life Feels like a Fake Orgasm. The title is salacious, and the episode contains a surprisingly elegant metaphor. However…downloads are low.

Become the CEO of your Career with Keith Alyea is the #3 downloaded episode…which is all about how to thrive within corporate. This (pleasantly) surprised me since I mostly talk about business ownership and this was a different angle.

The #1 most downloaded episode (by a lot) is Make Time Your Bitch

…which astounds me because it was my first episode ever and I sound like a constipated robot. I was literally reading from a piece of paper…like a middle schooler rehearsing lines of a school play. But the content is fire, I'll admit.

I don’t have a good closing line

At the end of every episode I awkwardly say, “um, yeah, okay, that’s it…uh, that’s the episode! Um, as always…Grab Life by the Goals!” #workingonthis

I’m still shocked when people listen

It literally means the world to me that you listen to these episodes. When you share an episode on Instagram Stories, I literally cry. My sole desire with this podcast was to turn you on, make you laugh, tell you how much I’ve f*cked up and what I’ve learned and help you in some way. Yes, it can help with sales but it’s honestly not why I do this. I feel like MYSELF when I’m talking to you. I feel like I’m doing the right thing by sharing my war stories. It kinda…feels like home.

I would LOVE your feedback on the podcast. Which episodes do you love (or not love)? What would you like to see more of? DM me on Instagram @laurenwidrick and let me know!

Be sure to subscribe to Grab Life by the Goals wherever you get your podcasts…and I'd be honored if you left a review about your fave episode on Apple Podcasts!


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