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Spiritual Sales: How to Pack Your Pipeline With Soulmate Clients

I honestly can’t believe I’m writing a blog post called “Spiritual Sales”. I am a girl who worked in banking and technology my whole life, which is also known as the land of left-brained logic. So, when I started my own business years ago, I figured the way to grow it was to play the numbers game.

Turns out I was wrong. The old way of doing things was downright exhausting: All the cold messaging, incessant follow-ups, and frustrating sales calls where everybody needed to “think about it.” Ugh. Technically, it “worked”. I grew a successful and thriving coaching business...but damn, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you it was exhausting.

We’re taught that this is the way it’s supposed to be...but I’ve finally realized this: Sales is not a numbers game. Sales is an energy game. It sounds counterintuitive, but you can sell more with less activity. You don’t need hundreds of “leads” who are really just people you ping all the time (and aren’t truly interested in your business). You simply need to get your mind right and put your full, radiant energy toward your actual soulmate clients. You create a laser-focused message just for them, cultivate channels for them to receive it, and give generously of your expertise...and the right people start coming to YOU. Woah.

And yeah...we meditate. Meditation makes the dream work around here. I know, I was skeptical too, but the data is undeniable. When I’m in Spiritual Sales mode, my revenue numbers reflect it big time.

The very best part? Your clients aren’t just people willing to pay you. They are your soulmates. This means you get to spend your days around clients who feel like besties. Now that’s the business you always dreamed of.

Here are my six crucial elements to packing your pipeline with soulmate clients, all from a place flow (and not frustration). 1. Raise your vibration to match your ideal client Ever walk into a store with tunnel vision for the one thing you’re there to buy? Everything else in the store fades to the background. This is how your clients shop, too. If you’re vibrating at a different level than your ideal clients, they literally won't be able to see you. Go beyond age and location to the psychographics of your buyer, and raise your vibration to get there. A luxury buyer won't be able to find you if your vibes put you on the discount rack. 2. Create a potent message just for them I see so many business owners creating tepid, watered-down messages so they don’t “exclude anyone” that could become clients. This is how you get lost in the crowd. You need a bold message with a life-changing promise. You want your buyer to say, “holy she in my brain?” You speak to their pain point but clearly offer them a bridge to a solution.

The blog post you’re reading right now is a great example. You are someone who is obsessed with your business but sales is wearing you out. I’m offering you a super-bold promise here that you can make more money with less physical effort by getting spiritual. That’s big, right? My message will disqualify the people who aren’t into this woo-woo stuff. Those who flat-out hate sales won’t read this either. That’s great! We are not a fit and no party is wasting time with each other. Swag tip: It’s great to dial into pain points, but make sure your message is attracting victors and not victims. For instance, my best clients are action-takers (victors) not people looking to avoid sales altogether (victims). 3. Intuitively scan your lead list(s) You don’t have to message 30 people a day to hit a metric. You don’t need to follow up with your leads every 2 weeks on the dot. You DO need to ask your intuition who needs some love from you today. This is called the “intuitive scan” where you simply look through your universe and see which person jumps out to you that day...and give those special humans a touch. Bonus points if you meditate before you do this. Here’s where to look:

  • Social followers

  • E-mail list

  • Personal e-mail

  • Past clients

4. Ensure they pass the soulmate test Do you know what makes a client a soulmate client? If not, start there. Write out a gratitude list highlighting your past and future clients. Thoroughly review the qualities you wrote down. After you comb through your lists with an intuitive eye, hold them up against this gratitude list. If they make the mark, warm them up. If they do not pass the soulmate test, thank you - next! 5. Be a grown-ass adult in the sales process. We are adults here, so no need for ulterior motives. The cleanest way to operate is with all information on the table. Don’t ask someone to “connect to see how you can support each other” if you’re secretly hoping to sell them something. If someone asks you to “send them your pricing info” just share it with them on the spot. If your prospect says they need to think about it...just ask them what information they’re missing to make a decision. It’s swagger energy, but also gives your client the gift of clarity and ease. 6. Join a squad of fellow badass entrepreneurs You need a squad, plain and simple. Staying in spiritual sales mode takes practice and support. What if you could be surrounded by a community of like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs who refuse to burn themselves out on sales. People who are selling ultra-high ticket offers and creating leveraged scaled products. People who have your back, send you business, enhance your ideas, and ensure you’re never alone on this journey. That’s what we have here in the Lauren Widrick Coaching epic squad of badasses like you’ve never experienced before. Having a community that understands your goals and holds your feet to the fire to accomplish those goals is a game-changer. We are all capable of killing the game of life solo-dolo. However, you can scale at an accelerated rate when you are surrounded by a swaggy sales squad. Growing your business is more fun with a tribe, too. If reading this blog has you itching for more? Wondering how the heck to apply this to your business? Email lauren@thewidrickgroup with the subject line, "Spiritual Sales Swag" & get free access to the full Spiritual Sales webinar!


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