The First Two Steps to Start Your Side Hustle

Do you have a business idea...and secretly wonder if it's ridiculous? Or, do you wonder if the industry you love is too saturated already? Maybe you know the idea is a good one, but you can't quit your job and open a storefront because, you

Here's the thing: You don't have to quit your job today to follow your passion. You DO need to clarify what you want to do and how to monetize it.

If you dream of starting that side hustle, but are paralyzed by all the unknowns, here's where you start:

1. Be honest with yourself. What do you REALLY want to do? Here's a hint: It's the thing that people in your life are already coming to you for. Do you give the best advice? Life coach! People always asking you for fashion tips? Personal stylist! Are you the #1 Hype Woman at your gym? Accountability coach! Always sharing your story of overcoming adversity? Public speaker! Always mentoring people at work? Career coach! Have a banging social media presence? Online marketing consultant! Throw fabulous parties that are the envy of all your friends? Party planner!

If people are already coming to you, there's a market for your thing. The universe is essentially screaming at you to do this.

You'll notice that these are mostly service/expertise based. That's on purpose. Here's why: Even if your dream is something else (opening a store, inventing a game-changing product, developing an app) I want you to establish two things: An expert position in the industry, and a real-life cashflowing business with low start-up costs (so you have money to fund the bigger stuff later). Because you likely have a day job, family, bills and limited time, we test the waters on your idea in a low-risk way before making a balls-out investment of any sort.

2. Figure out the easiest way to monetize ASAP. Can you charge by the hour? Can you create a paid monthly membership? Charge by the project/event? Make a list of 1-3 services you can offer and price each one out.

There...does that feel a little more real? You CAN DO THIS. I can help you. Schedule a discovery call with me here, and we’ll create your entire roadmap to launch and grow your side hustle.

Lauren Widrick