Three Questions Nobody Asks When Starting a Business

Have you ever considered starting a business? Doesn't it sound romantic? Doing work that you love, making your own hours, being your own boss...not to mention the financial freedom.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's 100% possible, and my clients and I are living proof. So...should you take the leap and start your own business?

Not so fast. As much as I'd love to dive right in and start your business plan, I have to ensure that YOU are ready to do this thing. See, my job is to make sure that you actually hit your goals, not just swing at them.

So we check for - and resolve - the following three issues before we launch your dream business:

Do You Hate Your Job?

A lot of us reach the decision to start a business because we can't freakin’ deal with corporate life any more. We've hit our breaking point with the stress, commute, and politics. So, we say "screw it, I'm starting my own business!" This is absolutely NOT the place to start. Most of my clients start their business as a side hustle, and if you are miserable at work there's no way you'll have the energy and focus it takes for a new business. The first step for many of my clients is to get their job situation to a healthier place so they can breathe. This includes adjusting your schedule, duties, or even sliding into a new role that allows more headspace for your business.

Does Your Business Idea Light your Heart on Fire?

So, you're ready to plot your exit from corporate life, but what exactly should you do? You are a management maybe start your own consulting firm? That makes sense, right? Well, unless you feel your life's purpose is management consulting, your business wont make you any happier than you are today. You may be free of the corporate confines, but you'll face a whole new set of challenges that, at times, can feel even bigger, even scarier. You better LOVE your idea because that love is what will pull you forward when it gets tough. Plus, as a new entrepreneur, your #1 role is sales. It's really tough to sell something you don't love. And speaking of sales....

Are You Willing to Learn Sales?

Ah, the dreaded S-word! I can relate to this one. I remember thinking "wow, I wanted to become a coach and change people's lives, but I'm spending 90% of my time selling! This sucks!" I had no prior sales experience...but I was willing to learn, and I wasn't willing to give up. This is what takes so many brilliant entrepreneurs out of the game: Sales is uncomfortable, sales is tricky, and sales shakes your confidence. Are you willing to learn this skill, and embrace the role of Chief Salesperson at your company? I'm not asking if you are any good at sales today, only that you are willing to learn.

Launching your business is not nearly as complicated or scary as it seems. Once we have these bases covered - and a few others - you'll be in the perfect spot to execute on your vision. Schedule a discovery call with me here to see how we can make your business idea a reality!

Lauren Widrick