The 10 Steps to Change Your Life


Want a formula to change your life?


Here’s the real-talk, 10-step process you’ll go through when you hire a coach: 

  1. The Hanger Point: It’s one thing to want your goal...kinda like you want lunch at noon. It’s another to find yourself at 1:45 PM on a Tuesday saying “IF I DON’T EAT RIGHT NOW I WILL CUT YOU”. You know you’re hangry for your goal if you’re frankly getting pissed it hasn’t happened yet. 

  2. The “I Need Help” Moment: You realize that if you could do this on your own, you would have done it by now. 

  3. The Discovery Call: You call your girl Lauren, and we unpack your goal and why you don’t have it yet. Your mind is blown to discover it’s absolutely NOT the reason you thought. You say, for the first time, “OMG I think I can actually DO this!

  4. The Hesitation: Shit got real and you are scared. You’ve seen now that your goal is immediately possible, and there are no more excuses. So, you retreat to familiar territory...hiding behind reasons why now is not the time, you can’t afford a coach, your spouse is not on board.

  5. The Hell Yes: You realize that this line of thinking is EXACTLY what’s keeping you stuck, and - even though you’re scared to death - you take the leap. I grab your hand, and we go together. You’re not alone anymore. 

  6. The Deep Dive: Our first session is several hours long. Perhaps for the first time ever, we unpack ALL OF IT - your purpose, what makes you feel alive, and a life-changing goal, and a plan you can’t wait to execute. 

  7. The Results Pop: The first few weeks/months are incredible. You achieve things that you previously thought would take years. 

  8. The Messy Middle: Then…..shit happens. Work goes nuts, kids get sick, or you just get tired. You start doubting yourself. I grab your hand and we keep going (when 80% of people normally quit). 

  9. The Sustainable Results: Not only do you crush this goal, the rest of your life miraculously improves along with it. You have the confidence and skills to tackle ALL your goals.

  10. The Reflection: We party! We celebrate YOU for being the kind of person who Grabs Life by the Goals. 🎉

Come take this journey with me.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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Lauren Widrick