Squash the Monday Morning Miseries!

Monday Morning Misery.png

Anybody suffer from the "Sunday Scaries"? Or "Monday Morning Misery"?

Tell me what’s freaking you out.

Is it a mountain of work, your asshole boss, or all the TPS reports that are due?

You may *think* you’re stressed because of the sheer amount of work on your plate, but that’s not really it.

The real reason you are stressed is because you are afraid. It’s the only reason anyone is stressed, ever.

My clients initially protest that it’s not fear...just the nature of their high-stakes job. However, when I probe further it’s always one of these:

➡️They are irrationally afraid of getting fired

➡️They don’t want to be seen as a slacker, or not “all in” on their job

➡️They are worried that the work will pile up and spill over.

They are deeply afraid of failure.

DAMN. No wonder you are stressed.

This is no way to live. Monday mornings should not give you chest-pounding anxiety.

Here’s what to do:

First things first, we MUST resolve this fear of getting fired. Prove to yourself that if you DID get fired, you would be fine. You should always be networking and applying for other jobs. Not only does it keep you fresh in the market, you’ll know exactly which plan B to enact if the worst-case scenario occurs.

Second, let’s work on OPP (Other People’s Perceptions). If you’re worried about letting someone down...it’s because your relationship with them isn’t strong enough. Get tighter with the people around you, on a personal level. Then, replace all expectations with actual agreements you create together.

Lastly, cut the crap. There’s stuff on your to-do list that does NOT need to happen. Try this experiment: What if your company mandated that you do your full job in 20 hours a week? You’d ruthlessly cut every non-essential meeting and activity. THAT’s how you should be operating all the time.

⭐️BONUS: Take on a passion project in your life. I know...you’re SO busy already. But if work is the only thing that determines your success or failure in life, you’ll panic on a daily basis. Put some eggs in other baskets. ⭐️

Tell me ONE THING you’ll take from this list to squash the Monday Misery! Perhaps take someone to coffee, apply for one job, or slash one thing from your to-do list.

Lauren Widrick