Let Your Freak Flag Fly

You know what? This week I planned to share my top three tips for finding clients. I love this topic since I've overcome my own fears of being a *creepy sales creep* to absolutely loving 😍 the process of connecting with humans.

I may still give you those tips.

Hell, you can watch them in my training video How to Get Clients here >> http://vid.us/ptsn25

However -- the universe sent me a different message to give you today.

Yes, I said the universe. My woo woo is showing.

You want to know the real secret to getting clients? It's being 💯% honest about what YOU want most.

👉How do YOU love to serve?
👉Who would you just die to work with?
👉What is the most AMAZING way you can think of to help them?
👉What just sounds like flat-out fun?

All the sales tactics in the world don’t work if you aren't on fire 🔥 for what you're offering. Too many of us attempt to bend our offers (and ourselves) around what *we think* other people want.

For a long time, I hid my freak flag so that I wouldn't turn off corporate executives...and <<SHOCKER ALERT>> I had a hard time selling executive coaching. (Side note: The freak flag is out and I have have plenty of executive clients now, who are super cool and “get it”).

Even recently, I had one particular coaching program I struggled to sell. I finally realized that I was just burnt out on it. So, I reinvented it into something that I'm DYING to serve people with, and the clients are *magically* coming out of the woodwork.

***First things first, be unapologetically YOU.***

However you want to serve people, there's a market for it.

Selling comes with its own challenges, don't pile on the fact you are “meh” about the thing you’re selling.

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Lauren Widrick