Does Your Dream Make You Hangry?

Picture this. It's 1:45 PM. You're still at your desk, dialed into that conference call or scrambling to finish a report. You typically eat at noon (okay, 11:30 if you're anything like me) so you're starving...and pissed off.

Classic hanger pains.

You wanna know the real reason hanger makes you so mad? It's because you didn't get to eat when you wanted to. Somebody made you do something else that got in the way. Given the choice, you would have chowed down at noon, am I right?

In the world of business coaching, we talk a lot about needing that hunger to succeed. You know what I think? Hunger is not enough.

You have to be downright hangry.

Here's what I mean. Picture yourself in five years if nothing about your career or life changes. You're still commuting to a job you don't love, still dealing with corporate bullshit, still "thinking about" your business and doing nothing about it. Feeling that ache that you were meant for more, and frustration with yourself that you never went for it.

When you picture that life...does it make you a little pissed? Queasy, even? That's good. That means you're hangry, my friend. Sometimes you need to be just frustrated enough to actually make a change.

You're in the right place.

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Lauren Widrick