Do you believe you are the CEO of your life?

I do. 

My job as CEO is to set the strategy, and then mobilize resources to execute on it. (And have some fun along the feel me?)

As the CEO of YOUR life...where are you investing your money, and what return are you making on that investment? 

I’m not talking about your stock portfolio or retirement account...those numbers are pretty clear. I’m talking about where you’re spending your income on a monthly basis. 

For instance, if I plopped $10,000 into your bank account right now, what would you do with it? Vacation? New Car? Pay credit cards (only to rack them up again)? That’s what most people would do, and it’s why most people feel stuck and trapped in their lives...even “nice” lives that look good on paper.

They spend their money on things that don’t move them forward. 

You know what I do? I invest in myself, in ways that produce a massive freakin’ return. Why did I spend several mortgage payments on a sobriety coach? Because I knew I’d be a better wife, mom, and business owner. Why do I shell out a healthy chunk of my revenue to my business coach? Because she “teaches me out to fish”, and gives me skills to earn money that I can use forever. 

I hired a doula (birth coach) to reach my goal of a natural delivery with Sloan. To this day, it’s still one of the proudest, most empowering moments of my entire life. 

And let me be clear….none of this is money I have just “lying around” for coaching. As the CEO of my life, I make tough, uncomfortable decisions about where to allocate my funds. 

What Return on Investment (ROI) would actually change YOUR life? 

  • Getting on a career path that you actually love (and makes a shit-ton of money)? 

  • FINALLY starting the business you’ve been talking about for years? 

  • Improving your marriage, parenting, and daily life? 

  • Just being PROUD of yourself, instead of being constantly anxious and frustrated with yourself? 

In order to have a different life, you have to channel your resources differently. Maybe that vacation gets delayed six months so you can hire a coach (and then make enough money during that time to take a BALLER vacation later).

Ask yourself, are you willing to be a smart, savvy CEO in your life, or will you continue to invest in things that don’t yield a profit? 

Leave a comment and let me know how you’re going to invest in your life!

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Lauren Widrick