Stuck in Side Hustle Limbo? Break through with these 3 time-carving tips

Let me know if this catch-22 sounds familiar:

You started your side hustle so that you could escape the corporate grind.  You’re tired of working 40, 50, or 60+ hours a week for “the Man”. You just need to grow your side business to the point where you can quit this demanding job.

However, you don’t have the time to grow your business because the aforementioned job is eating your life

You’re stuck in Side Hustle Limbo, and I’m here to break you out, my friend. That dream you have of full-time entrepreneurship, passion, and freedom? 

Yeah, you should have that. 

Here are my Top Three  ways to create time and energy for your business:

Set Some Damn Boundaries Already

Boundaries (1).png

I’ll say this loudly for the cheap seats in the back: 


I promise.

Because my clients are high performers, they are worried about dropping the ball (or being seen that way). I’m not suggesting you bounce at 5:01 PM, leaving the fires to burn. That’s not the moment to negotiate your boundaries.

Work with your manager on a clear set of operating agreements (including your schedule), and stick to it. 

Optimize Like a Ninja

Photo by  Daniel Lincoln  on  Unsplash

You may be thinking...okay, everyone is cool with me leaving on time, but what about the massive pile of work that needs to get done? Good question.

We take a good, hard look at where you spend time each week. Where are your productivity leaks? Where do you need to delegate more? Where can we streamline? 

I do calendar audits for my clients, and we easily free up 4-6 hours a week for them. Which is all you need to explode your business. 

Set Business Hours (and protect them like a hawk)

20141026-20141026-DSC_0503 copy.jpg

I learned this lesson the hard way: You can’t squeeze your business in around the rest of your life. Don’t attempt to work on it “after the kids are asleep”. Let’s face’re exhausted by then. 

Your business cannot get shoved to the back burner. You must carve a few critical hours a week - good, daylight hours - and make them non-negotiable. This can be early morning, a weeknight where you get childcare, a couple hours each Saturday...but put these hours in stone and get everyone in your life on board. 

The bottom line is - your business has to become a top priority.

Not something you “try and fit it when you can”. As your coach, I’ll keep you on track...even when shit gets crazy. 

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Lauren Widrick